Women of Aviation Worldwide Week!

Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week is a global aviation awareness week for girls of all ages observed to mark the anniversary of the world’s first female pilot license (March 8, 1910). The week is a call to address gender imbalance in the air and space industry. Therefore, in honor of this, we wanted to highlight a female pilot who year after year does so much to support Above the Clouds. Thank you for all that you do and for being an inspiration to so many young females.











1. How did you hear about ATC?

Heard about ATC when the Ninety-Nines Women Pilots had a meeting at Norwood Airport on the same day as ATC. All 15 of us women pilots met ATC folk. Great way to meet!


2. What do you love about flying?

Seeing the world from a beautiful perspective; sense of adventure, freedom and accomplishment – always learning.


3. How long have you been a pilot?

20 years


4. What made you want to become a pilot?

Seeking a new view on the world when my daughters went off to college, I took an introductory flight and I was hooked. I soon joined my love of photography with my passion for flight and became an aerial photographer.


5. What impact do you think being a female pilot in a male dominated field has?

It’s making a difference as more women rise in the ranks, the old stereotype (she’s a women, can’t fly etc) is fading and being replaced with respect and cooperation.


6. Is there a female pilot who you have always idolized?

Amelia Earhart – Founder of the Ninety-Nines and many 99s who are alive today!


7. How do you think ATC is changing lives?

Offering flights to kids who are challenged on so many levels, making a day especially for them, learning about flying, taking the controls of a plane – this opportunity can open eyes & raise spirits. They too could do something they never thought possible.  This can have a huge influence on young lives. Going home with this experience of flight and the gifts from ATC will forever be a reminder of what’s possible.


8. Is there something I haven’t asked you that you would like to add?

Please visit my website www.margotcheel.com for my bio and more info on my books and photos.


9. Describe ATC in one word.


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