Dream Flight Days offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience to inspire a world of joy, hope and possibility for our young Dream Flyers! Bring your infectious enthusiasm and joyful positive energy to help make each Dream Flight Day a truly magical experience for these kids. 

Above the Clouds welcomes volunteer pilots and ground crew members for Dream Flight Days. Here are ways you can bring joy. 

Volunteer Pilot roles

Must be a pilot– See Requirements and New pilot application  

Weather Monitors – Track weather and determine if it is safe to hold the dreamflight day.

Pilot Coordinator – Coordinate the flight routes of pilots to ensure separation and safety. 


Ground Crew on Dream Flight Days

Joymakers – Greeters Hold signs, ring bells and greet our flyers as they arrive. Then accompany them to the pilot lounge. You set the atmosphere of joy.  If you are new to Above the Clouds this is the place to start.  

Flight Coordinator – Coordinates arrival time, prior to the day, greets flyer in the parking lot and stays with them throughout their experience. Responsible for the joy, safety and well- being of flyer, family, and pilot.  

Photographer – Takes pictures and short videos of flyers and their family and friends. Uploads photographs to dropbox after the event.  

Videographer – Takes short videos of the day and set up go pros in planes 

Ramp Crew – Stays with pilot, family and flyer while on the ramp creating a safe joyful experience for fliers, family and friends with joyful cheering as flyers leave and return. Video Chief works of the ramp to install go pros and record flights then edit and upload to dropbox. 

Radio & Tower – Monitor monitors the tower radio, flight aware and communicates location and estimated arrival of dream flyers.  

Plane Mishap Coordinator – Oversees clean up after the flight. 

Sign Makers – Makes signs for future dream flyers 


Advanced roles 

Chief Coordinator – Runs the dream flight day – advanced position  

Ramp Chiefs – Oversees all Ramp operations.  

Volunteer Coordinator – Oversees all ground crew and makes sure they know their jobs and have safety training. Answers questions.  

Photo Coordinator – Oversees all photographers making sure they are aware of safety, take key pictures and upload them to dropbox.  

Food and Drink Coordinator – Oversees the food table during the DFD, Also responsible for getting food donations and coordinating clean up after the day.  

Partner Liaison – This position involves communication with our partners before and after the event. Sending out surveys and making sure that partners are informed and kept up to date  


Skill Based Volunteer Opportunities 

Video Editing – Editing photos and video to create a single DFD video and creating training videos 

Website updates – Familiar with WordPress who can update pages add pictures 

Electronics specialistWe need help using the monitors and computers to display flight aware and play safety videos 

Data entry and update – To help us keep our databases accurate 

Engagement Outreach specialist – Reaching out to potential supporters and donors. Present to groups. Regular follow up with our current supporters.  

Carpentry Our door needs repair! 


Volunteers arrive at 8:30 for pre-dream flight day Briefing. We learn about the flyers, meet other volunteers and hear important safety information. Day ends at about 2pm.  


 Volunteer Sign up 


Dream Flight Days often bring as much joy to the volunteers and pilots as they do to the kids! Dream Flight Day is a day you will never forget! 

See you soon!