Volunteer Spotlight: Laura Curran











1. Where are you from?

    I grew up in Hyde Park, but have lived in Norwood for the past 10 years.

2. What is something that most people don’t know about you?

    My first flight was in a helicopter over Niagara Falls when I was 11.

3. What do you love about volunteering?

    The impact it has on the kids.

4. How did you hear about ATC?

    Via another volunteer organization

5. What made you want to become a volunteer for ATC?

    It was very clear that ATC has something very special and different to offer children and their families.

6. How long have you been involved with ATC?

    Finishing my 3rd year.

7. Do you remember your first time volunteering for ATC? How was it?

    I was amazed at the energy and excitement of all the volunteers and the positive effect it had on the kids.

8. What is your most memorable experience with ATC?

    It was one of the Big Sister days and the Big Sister wrote to Martha thanking her for the great day and how she had not seen her ‘Little’ smile like she did that day.  Also, that the ‘Little’ was amazed that we were there for her and doing this for her – saying she never felt special until that day’.  That still makes me tear up.

9. How do you think ATC is changing lives?

    It empowers the kids to think beyond barriers.

10. Talk me through a typical Dream Flight Day you have with these kids.

    As a flight coordinator, my job is to see the child and his/her family upon arrival at Norwood Memorial Airport through to  their departure.  Beginning with the ground crew greeting; to meeting their pilot and planning their flight; to escorting them to the plane and watching them taxi; greet them upon their return and presenting their personalized flight jacket and of course, more photo ops!  They have their own personalized paparazzi to capture their time at ATC.

11. Is there something I haven’t asked you that you would like to say about ATC?

    ATC is about the whole family.  Clearly, the Dream Flyer is the focal person.  However, the entire family/chaperone is made part of the day.  I especially like to see that the siblings are treated ‘special’ too.  A lot of times, when there is a child with special needs, care, etc.. the other children are ‘in the background’.  On DFDs, everyone is involved.

12. Describe ATC is one word.


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