Volunteer Spotlight- Josh











  1. Where are you from?

Canton, MA


2. What is something that most people don’t know about you?

Sports is my second passion besides aviation.


3. What do you love about volunteering?

I love seeing the smiles on the dream flyers face when they step off the aircraft , it’s truly priceless. It feels good to make a difference in a kid’s life who is going thru a rough time.


4. How did you hear about ATC?

I heard about ATC through my town paper The Canton Citizen.


5. What made you want to become a volunteer for ATC?

When I was a student at Canton High School , we were required to complete 80 hours of community service. I was searching and searching for something aviation related for community service and couldn’t find anything . Then I saw the ATC article in my town paper. I went on the ATC website and watched the 10 minute video that gives a summary of ATC and was blown away. I then emailed Martha, went in to meet her and then was invited to my first Dream Flight Day.


6. How long have you been involved with ATC?

4 years.


7. What is your most memorable experience with ATC?

My most memorable experience with Above The Clouds was actually recently when I was flight coordinator for a kid named Binh. Binh was very energetic from the moment I met him. He was an aviation enthusiast and reminded me of myself when I was younger. I was talking to Binh’s Dad and Binh had the chance to sit in the cockpit of the A380 (the world’s largest jet) and talk to the pilots, something I always dreamt of having the opportunity to do. Binh also sits at home watching videos of airplanes on YouTube just like I did when I was little. When Binh got off the plane after his dream flight he was so happy . I think that day inspired him and made his love and passion for aviation even more deep and I’m glad I was able to take part and deepen that passion for aviation for Binh.


8. How do you think ATC is changing lives?

I think Above The Clouds is changing so many kids lives through the power of aviation. Above The Clouds is able to provide joy for kids who have been through so much and to just get their mind off of what’s going on in their life outside Norwood airport for a couple hours is awesome . Beyond that , Above The Clouds inspires some kids like, “Wow I just flew a plane, if I can do that I can do anything!” The “I can do anything I put mind to” attitude is something that I think we need more of in this world and I think Above The Clouds is helping instill this into kids minds.


9. Is there something I haven’t ask you that you would like to say about ATC?

Above The Clouds is going places , this organization is truly something special.


10. Describe ATC in one word.



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