Board of Directors

Greg Bongiorno, Chairman & Volunteer Pilot (Pilot & Director of Safety, Coordinate Operations LLC)

“Seeing the kids that come through really forgetting about what’s going on at home, relaxing and having fun is an amazing experience for not only them but all of us volunteering at Above the Clouds.”

Hew Crooks, Executive Committee (Co-Founder & CFO, Ridgebury Tankers)

Mark Hanson, Executive Committee & Volunteer Pilot (FAA Safety Team Representative)

Christopher Donovan, Jr., Director & Volunteer Pilot (Boston Executive Helicopter)

Hamid Haider, Director & Volunteer Pilot (Bristol Myers Squibb)

Katharine Cronk, MD, Director (Neurosurgeon)

Matthew Sheehan, Director & Volunteer Pilot (American Airlines Pilot)

Tara D’Alessandro, Director (Lawyer, Experion)



Marcy Venezia, Executive Director

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“My heart goes out to amazing kids who just need the opportunity to take command of their lives through aviation.”