The Positive Impact of Aviation

In a recent article by titled “Because He flies,” they explored the transformative effects of flying on a young man who recently received his private pilot license. The conclusion? “Flying has prepared him magnificently for life’s inevitable challenges.” Above the Clouds also believes in the positive transformative effects of aviation. We were born out of a desire to provide a long-lasting and meaningful impact on kids who are facing serious adversity. Our three programs provide important relief for kids under tremendous stress and inspire disengaged youth to participate in making their dreams come true. In addition to that, Above the Clouds aims to:

1. Fulfill the need for seriously ill and underserved children to experience joy and to have opportunities to escape the fear, pain, stress and/or tedium that mark most of their lives.

2. Fulfill the need for youth to be afforded the guidance, support and friendship that a positive adult mentor can offer.

3. Fulfill the need for youth to be provided with experiences that instill a love of learning that can offer the motivation needed to work hard at school.

These goals are accomplished through our three programs: Dream Flyers, Discovery Flyers and Cadet Flyers. The Dream Flyers program is an exciting chance for young patients eagerly looking to complete their hospital stay or children who are disabled to fly in the co-pilot’s seat of an airplane. The Discovery Flyers program affords teenagers with the opportunity to fly regularly and build a bond with a Pilot Mentor. The Cadet Flyers Program targets the growing number of young people who are falling through the cracks at school and aims to help them build a bridge to employment opportunities in the aviation field.

This article reaffirmed the important impact and positive, transformative effects of flying. Most of the kids we get to know have never even been in an airplane let alone been given the opportunity to fly one. This seems like it might be something insignificant but flying in the co-pilot seat and literally seeing the world from a new perspective makes them realize that we are all a part of something larger. The article states: “Having watched this one young man’s journey I get the strong feeling that when times get turbulent, he’ll keep the wings level. In adversity, he’ll see things for what they are and coolly consider options. When moments of decision come, he’ll commit without hesitation.” Above the Clouds hopes to foster this kind of impact by continuing to bring joy and hope through the wonder of flight.

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