Saluting our Volunteers

On April 6th, Above the Clouds kicked off the April 7-13 Points of Light National Volunteer Week a day early with its first 2019 Dream Flight Day. Over 60 volunteers donated more than 100 hours as artists, pilots, photographers, videographers, flight coordinators, go-pro managers, radio flight monitors, board members, fund raisers, committee members, name tag and supply organizers and welcome teams to insure a memorable Dream Flight experience for 13 children.


Ten airplane owners donated the use of their aircraft. Pilots drove and flew into Norwood from as far away as York, Maine, to donate their aircraft, expertise and time. Piedmont Airlines donated swag bags for each Flyer. Westwood High School students created personalize posters for each Dream Flight child. Roche Brothers Supermarkets and Panera Bread contributed food to feed children, their families and the dozens of people involved with making the Dream Flight experience truly magical.


Independent Sector recently quantified the estimated value of a volunteer hour in Massachusetts to be $32.15. The volunteer cadre at Above the Clouds respectfully suggests that the joy and hope of Dream Flights and other ATC programs cannot be drilled down into such a metric.


Instead, we prefer the broader view articulated below:


“Volunteerism has been a driving force in the strength and power of our civil society since this country’s founding,” said Independent Sector president and CEO Dan Cardinali. “We know that giving of our time, talent, and effort transforms organizations, communities, and our nation, and also has profound effects on the individuals giving their time. The Value of Volunteer Time gives us just one concrete measure to illustrate the power of individuals to transform communities.”


“We believe the most powerful force of change in our world is the individual- one who takes action and makes a positive difference,” said Points of Light president and CEO Natalye Paquin. “This data shows the value that volunteers bring to the sector and the world. When people use their talents and skills to take action and support causes they care about, we can build a stronger, more equitable world.”


Above the Clouds deeply appreciates the 100+ volunteers who are the light, lifeblood and joy makers of our programs. Thank you for giving of your time, talent and treasure. Your contributions are incalculable.


SOURCE: Independent Sector Releases New Value of Volunteer Time of $25.43 Per Hour. Independent Sector Press Release 04/11/2019.

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