ATC COVID-19 Related Practices

Volunteer your piloting skills to bring joy and hope to a Dream Flyer and his/her family. After a pre-flight briefing with the Dream Flyer and his/her family and friends, you will take the Dream Flyer on an approximately 30 – 45 minute flight. After the flight, Dream Pilots, Dream Flyers, and friends join us for a post-flight celebration in the Pilot Lounge. Learn more about Dream Flyers.

Volunteer your piloting skills to bring joy and hope to a Discovery Flyer. As a Discovery Pilot, you will have the chance to fly regularly with a child from an underserved community. During these flights, the young Flyers are given the opportunity to fly the plane from the co-pilot’s seat. In addition, Discovery Flyers attend periodic aviation field trips and are encouraged to help out on Dream Flight Days. Learn more about Discovery Flyers.

All operating expenses are eligible for a charitable deduction to the fullest extent permitted by the Internal Revenue Code. If you do not own an airplane, you are welcome to use our Above the Clouds Piper Warrior II for your Dream Flight(s)!

Pilots love to fly for Above the Clouds. Watch our Video!

If you are interested in becoming an Above the Clouds volunteer pilot, please contact us at

Volunteer Pilot Requirements

  • Minimum of 300 hours total flight time
  • Minimum 30 hours flight time during 12 calendar months prior to Dream Flight
  • Instrument Rated (currency not required)
  • Current with all requirements of FAR Part 61, appropriate to the license held
  • Valid Medical Certificate

Aircraft Requirements

  • ASEL, AMEL, and/or ROTORCRAFT complied with all inspections, ADs and SEs
  • Clean/presentable (as determined by an Above the Clouds representative)
  • Approved in a visual inspection by an Above the Clouds representative
  • No more than one INOP instrument on the panel

Above requirements may be waived at the discretion of the Chief Pilot or Executive Director