Mother’s Day Joy and Hope

Since Mother’s Day is celebrated this month, we wanted to feature the Dream Flight Day experience of one of the mother’s of a past Dream Flyer. Elyse accompanied her daughter, Samantha, last June for her Dream Flight Day. This was Elyse’s experience.


  1. Describe your Dream Flight Day experience with your child


Our Dream Flight Day was incredible, from the preplanning to the arrival to the preflight planning to the actual flight to the after snack and gift giving! Before we came, the Coordinator told us to call 5 minutes out so that they could be sure to be waiting outside for us. When we arrived, there were 3 people there to greet us with great big signs for Samantha. That made Samantha feel that she was a Superstar for the Day. Our Pilot Bill and our Flight Attendant Josh were incredibly patient and kind. Samantha flew to Scituate then over to Foxboro for a bird’s eye view of Gillette Stadium. She loved taking the wheel for about 8 minutes or so. We got some amazing photos both on the tarmac and in the air.


2. What is something you would say to another mother who hasn’t been to a Dream Flight Day yet with their child?


I would tell any mother that this is a once-in a-lifetime experience for their child that they really should take advantage of. It gives the child a feeling of being special and doing something most other kids their age have never done. It is a thrill and a half. As parents, we were so proud of the way our daughter handled herself. The pilot was very patient and took her lead in terms of how fast to instruct and to fly.


3. What does being a mother mean to you?


Being a mother means giving my child as much exposure as I possibly can to the real world, even with her neurodiverse mind. Since I have enrolled her in so many different offerings over the years, she has made great progress and I believe that all children with special needs can be challenged to meet their full potential, whatever that is for that individual. As her mother, I have been so pleasantly surprised to see all that she actually can do, when I give her the opportunity to do so. My goal is to provide whatever I can in order to help her become her best possible self.


4. How do you think ATC is bringing joy and hope to kids?


I think ATC brings joy and hope by affording these kids the awesome experience that is their own personal Dream Flight. I have heard of many other families being so grateful to the organization. The program is most hopeful and brings much joy to many people along the way.


5. Describe ATC in one word


I would describe ATC as “A Thrilling Chance” or just “Dreamy”



Elyse with her family during a beautiful Dream Flight Day last June.

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