It all started at Norwood Memorial Airport with Above the Clouds’ first flight on May 4, 2013. Today Home Base Norwood runs 8-10 Dream Flight Days annually – and serves as the hub for numerous Discovery and Cadet flights.

Conveniently located just outside of Boston, ATC’s Home Base Norwood serves kids from Massachusetts and other New England states. Our close proximity to Boston’s highly-rated universities, research and teaching hospitals, and a wide breadth of school and social service organizations; enable us to be an accessible resource for children facing all kinds of adversity.

Above the Clouds has grown dramatically, having flown its 500th Flyer in 2019. The Norwood Pilot Squadron is made up of volunteer pilots based at Norwood Memorial Airport, as well as many other pilots who fly in from local airports and even surrounding states to participate in all three Above the Clouds Programs.

ATC’s Home Base Norwood is also the hub for its volunteer Board of Directors and Leadership Council. Together, these groups serve as the strategic think tank to maximize ATC’s outreach and impact to bring joy and hope to children facing serious adversity.