Announcing our New “Dream Flyover” Program! Sure, the current crisis prevents the kids from coming to the airport, but ATC solves that problem with our new Dream Flyover Program by bringing ATC’s special brand of joy to the kids! One thousand feet of social distancing strengthened connections and support last week for a Future Dream Flyer through ATC’s very first Dream Flyover. ATC offers Dream Flyovers to kids whose Dream Flights have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On April 23rd Dream Pilot Stuart Auerbach circled his helicopter overhead to surprise Jake in Andover, just in time for his 10th birthday. Andover Firefighters Local 1658 and Andover Police led a drive-by along with Jake’s friends to make Jake’s Flyover a full ground-to-air friendship flight! Click the video below to check out how the day unfolded. MANY MORE DREAM FLYOVERS TO COME THIS YEAR.