The Dream Flyers Program is a special way to bring joy and hope to children who are facing all kinds of serious adversity. For seriously ill children, Above the Clouds delivers a unique kind of medicine — programming designed to build anticipation and excitement for a special, joyful experience flying (actually taking the controls!) in the co-pilot’s seat of a small airplane or helicopter. Pediatricians refer children directly. Also, through hospitals, young patients eagerly look forward to completing their hospital stay/treatment and receiving clearance from their medical team to take off on a Dream Flight. Similarly, children with a disability, are underserved, experiencing homelessness, suffering from the loss of a family member, or facing other serious adversity, benefit from a Dream Flight. Dream Flyers anticipate a joyful experience on Flight Day and feel hopeful just when things might seem hopeless.

The Dream Flyers Program Provides:

  • An escape from struggles and crises
  • A joyful and thrilling experience
  • A sense of hope and possibility for a bright future

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You can bring joy to children who face a major illness or disability or other serious adversity.

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