Dream Flyer Spotlight: Dylan









  1. Where are you from?

             Middleboro, MA

2. Can you describe some of your medical challenges?

            I have cancer and I am visually impaired.

3. What was your favorite place that you flew during your Dream Flight Day?

           Over Gillette Stadium

4. Did you enjoy spending time with your pilot? Was there anything memorable about your time together?

          Yes, my pilot was very nice and the entire day was unforgettable.

5. What did you love most about your Dream Flight?

         Helping my pilot to fly the plane.

6. How would you say that ATC is affecting lives?

        They are giving people a day to forget about their medical challenges and enjoy a day that they will always remember.

7. Talk me through your Dream Flight Day experience

        First we checked the plane before takeoff. Then we flew over Gillette Stadium and Sauchuk Farm. It was really beautiful because the leaves were so colorful. After we got back to the airport we went inside to chat and take some pictures together. My pilot Chris gave me a map of our entire flight, a real bomber jacket with my name on it and a pair of aviator sunglasses!

8. What would you say to someone who hasn’t had a Dream Flight Day experience yet?

       You are going to love every minute of your flight. It was one of my most memorable experiences of my life.

9. Is there anything that I haven’t asked that you would like to share about ATC?

       Thank you so much to all the volunteers who were there to greet me when I arrived with signs and balloons. It was a wonderful welcome.

10. Describe ATC is one word
















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