Above the Clouds representatives meet with area hospitals and social service agencies and schools to present the program and answer questions of hospital staff, social service providers, potential Dream Flyers and their families. Dream Flyers are selected for participation by participating hospitals and social service agencies.

An Above the Clouds Flight Coordinator enjoys the responsibility of building anticipation from initial contact leading up to Flight Day. He or she is the primary contact for the Dream Flyer and his or her family, by providing an overview of what to expect (including background and photographs of the designated volunteer Above the Clouds pilot and aircraft), and by coordinating schedules and related logistics. On Flight Day, the Dream Flyer and his or her family and friends are welcomed to Norwood Airport by Above the Clouds greeters with signs and balloons. Before the flight the Dream Flyer and his/her family participate in an exciting pre-flight briefing with the pilot. Sitting in the copilot’s seat, the Dream Flyer has a chance to assist the pilot in flying the plane. A flight above the child’s schoolyard with children waving below adds to the excitement of the day. Flight Day concludes with a postflight celebration with refreshments in the Above the Clouds Pilot/Family Lounge and the Dream Flyer is presented with his or her own official Above the Clouds flight jacket and aviator sunglasses. Family members and friends are involved before, during, and after the flight and thereby share a special bonding experience that will become an indelible memory. If the family agrees, the day is recorded by a photographer and videographer, and video cameras mounted to the airplane provide documentation of the actual flight. In many instances, there is coordination with local media. Channel Five Covers Dream Flight