In the Discovery Flyers program, teenagers are introduced to aviation by Discovery Pilot mentors. Discovery Flyers have the opportunity to fly regularly with their Discovery Pilots. During these flights, the young Flyers are given the opportunity to fly the plane from the co-pilot’s seat. In addition, Discovery Flyers attend periodic aviation field trips and are encouraged to help out on Dream Flight Days. One example was a “Fly-Out” to CT’s Bradlee International Airport where we visited the New England Air Museum.

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Discovery Flyers Program Updates:

October 2021: Discovery Pilot Greg Bongiorno, Director of Safety/G500 GVII PIC; ICON Authorized Flight Instructor and partner in Low Altitude Adventures (did we mention he is also member of the Board of Directors at Above the Clouds?!), took to the skies and lakes with Mamadu Tchamo from Brockton, our newest Discovery Flyer recruit.

Here are some images from their first Discovery Flight, more to come.  Mamadu got to experience and co-pilot the ICON A5 (



























Incredible Visit to JetBlue! On March 12th, 2018 Discovery and Cadet Flyers got a “sneak peek” behind the scenes of a major airline. Flyers got to explore the cockpit of an Embriar 190, visited the JetBlue Operations Tower, and met with mechanics, pilots, and ground crew to learn about lives in aviation. To see pictures of our day, visit our FACEBOOK ALBUM!

Fabulous Aviation Day! In June of 2016, Above the Clouds hosted it’s fourth Aviation Day at Norwood Airport! Students learned about careers in aviation, met an airplane mechanic and checked out some airplanes, spoke with a JetBlue Captain about life as an airline pilot, and met a fighter pilot who has flown F-16’s! Additionally, attendees had the chance to learn about the Discovery Flyers Program at Above the Clouds. Another Aviation Day is in the works for 2017.