General Aviation Safety:

AOPA Air Safety Institute:

Safety Webinars, podcasts and videos from AIS on the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association)

AOPA Safety Resources by Topic

Flight Safety Detectives:

Podcast from NTSB investigators on aviation safety.  This podcast is focusing on pilots that rent aircraft.

FAA’s General Aviation Safety Outreach Initiative

Above the Clouds Safety Protocol:

ATC has many systems in place to ensure that Dream and Discovery Flyers and their Dream and Discovery Pilots have safety as a priority during this unique experience.  During pre-flight, each pilot meets with Dream Flyers and their families to go over general safety instruction.

Above the Clouds also ensures that all pilots sign an affirmation regarding currency with each Dream and Discovery Flight.

Above the Clouds Volunteer Pilot Requirements

  • Minimum of 300 hours total flight time
  • Minimum 30 hours flight time during 12 calendar months prior to Dream Flight
  • Instrument Rated (currency not required)
  • Current with all requirements of FAR Part 61, appropriate to the license held
  • Valid Medical Certificate

Above the Clouds Aircraft Requirements

  • ASEL, AMEL, and/or ROTORCRAFT complied with all inspections, ADs and SEs
  • Clean/presentable (as determined by an Above the Clouds representative)
  • Approved in a visual inspection by an Above the Clouds representative
  • No more than one INOP instrument on the panel

Above the Clouds Safety Videos for Volunteer Ground Crew, Families and Pilots