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Who is eligible for a Dream Flight?

A Dream Flyer applicant must:

  • Be from 6 to 22 years old.
  • Have a serious illness, disability or face serious adversity. This can include a terminal diagnosis, homelessness, hunger, grief due to loss of a parent or trauma.  Dream Flyers may have or had a difficult time seeking protection, justice or the resources to ensure their safety and happiness.

Who Can refer a child for a Dream Flight?

  • Medical professionals treating the prospective Dream Flyer
  • Parent or legal guardian of the potential Dream Flyer
  • Social Service agency working with potential Dream Flyer
  • The potential Dream Flyer himself/herself

For seriously ill children interested in the Dream Flyer Program, please have your health care provider visit our website to learn more. Should your health care provider determine that you are a Dream Flyer candidate, please have him or her download the Dream Flyer application form and e-mail it to info@abovethecloudskids.org.

Disadvantaged/at-risk children may also be referred to the Dream Flyer Program by social service agencies.

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