On July 20th, 2022 Above the Clouds is providing Dream Flights in partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs programs!

Read about Above the Clouds and our Partnership with Lynn Boys and Girls Club’s STEAM Program

In 2022, more than twenty students got to experience a Mission Simulation “Expedition Mars” and a custom presentation in the Christa McAuliffe Center’s Planetarium.  This was funded by a small STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) grant to Above the Clouds. Cadet Flyers Programs introduce youth from communities underrepresented in aviation to STEM educational experiences.

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Girls in Aviation Programs from Above the Clouds!

Supported with a grant by The JetBlue Foundation:

Previously the “Cadet Flyers Program” (see below)-the 2022 Cadet Programs introduce youth from underrepresented communities within the industry to all of the facets of aviation.   Cadet Programs provide exposure to unique STEM experiences.  Led by pilots, air traffic control, mechanics, engineers, airport managers, aviation insurance experts, electronics, airway transportation specialists, etc. youth experience fun and enriching activities.

If you are an educator or out-of-school time provider seeking a custom STEM experience for your students/participants, please contact susan@abovethecloudskids.org.

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The Cadet Flyers Program:

  • Once a community based aviation program and Flight School in Norwood, MA (KOWD) for at-risk teens, the Cadet program has been reinvented in 2022.  The Cadet Flyers Program inspired a sense of hope in the future by expanding the perspective of young people to make them aware of life’s possibilities; built a sense of responsibility by establishing goals and following through on commitments; taught the value of education as a means to achieve a goal; and developed discipline, integrity and self-esteem.  Many Cadet Flyers have gone on to become Private Pilots, Commercial Pilots and Certified Flight Instructors.

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