Above the Clouds delivers joy and hope through the wonder of flight to children and teens who have a serious illness or disability, are underserved and/or are facing other adversity.
Dream Flyer Day and Discovery Flyer programs strive to change the lives of over 100 children each year with, to date, over 800 lives changed through flight.

Above the Clouds also strives to provide volunteers of all ages and types a simple and significant way to contribute to their community. Above the Clouds is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

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Kate Martinez

Cadet Flyer

Above the Clouds has changed my life because they have shown me that there are always new opportunities in every direction. I never thought that I could learn to fly a plane but I took a chance and learned to believe in myself as much as they believed in me

Greg Bongiorno

Dream Flight Pilot

ATC is changing lives by taking the underutilized, dynamic world of general aviation and channeling those resources towards fostering happiness and exploration to young individuals that could have never imagined such an experience.”

Joan Pahud

Italian Home

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve seen AJ wearing his “Clouds” jacket frequently. The other day he was telling me & others all about his flight and how great it was. Thanks again to you and your organization for all you do for kids

Suad Monsour

Parent of Dream Flyer

We just came home from this wonderful experience that you gave us. Thank you for this gift we will never forget. In our journey of hope we have found very nice people like you standing behind us.

Lisa Olivio

Aunt of Dream Flyer

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the wonderful pilots and volunteers of this amazing group. Today you gave my nephew, Ryan Hastings, one of the best days of his life! You brought fun, excitement and adventure to a young boy who has been dealing with a cruel and vicious disease. We thank you for making him smile ear to ear.you are all angels on earth.Thank you for caring so much about others.

Dottie Engler -- Dream Flyer Parent

We are so grateful that in today’s world our Jackie is more accepted and understood than children with special needs have been in the past. But we had never thought that we would be as celebrated as he was by your Above the Clouds organization. Our hearts were beyond full as we experienced the most perfectly calibrated celebration of special children as has been put together by your organization. As a person with some experience in external relations I was supremely impressed by the administrative expertise exhibited by your volunteers last Saturday. I could fill this note with admiration for the attention to detail that we experienced. Every person we spoke to was so generous with their time and good will.



Thank you to our 2023 Rodman for Kids Riders & Donors!