Jimmy Abdallah / Dream Pilot

It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you can instill a bit of happiness into the lives of people that are facing such adversity. I’m honored to be a part of this organization and am so thankful for all the hard work that you all have done to make this possible.

Kate Martinez / Cadet Flyer

Above the Clouds has changed my life because they have shown me that there are always new opportunities in every direction. I never thought that I could learn to fly a plane but I took a chance and learned to believe in myself as much as they believed in me.

Greg Bongiorno / Dream Flight Pilot

ATC is changing lives by taking the underutilized, dynamic world of general aviation and channeling those resources towards fostering happiness and exploration to young individuals that could have never imagined such an experience.”

Tara Keating / Volunteer

ATC is giving children who are facing hardship new perspective (literally). It is bringing them joy, hope and the realization that they can do anything (including learning to fly a plane)!”

Bill McGonagle / Dream Flight Pilot

One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had with ATC was receiving an email from the mother of one of my Dream Flyers. His Dad had recently passed away. When we flew I said, “I bet your Dad is out there sitting on the wing.” Her email indicated that our flight was a life changing experience for her son.

Erika Tarantal / WCVB

Above the Clouds is helping to lift up kids facing adversity. Read Full Article

Katrina Margolis / Hometown Weekly

Above the Clouds is the conduit to encourage these teens to stay in school, apply themselves, and hopefully have a better future. Read Full Article

Linda Hastings / Dream Flyer Parent

I have tears in my eyes as I read of the incredible program that you offer to help seriously ill children. My 14-year-old son, suffers with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a progressive, fatal muscle wasting disease (for which there is no treatment or cure). He lost the ability to walk this past year, and is wheelchair bound. At a time when all of his peers are gaining independence, he is losing it fast, and becoming very sad and withdrawn. This would lift his spirits like you would not believe! What sticks in my mind is the description on your website that says “designed to build anticipation and excitement for a special joyful experience”. He has so few opportunities to find joy in life these days, and really needs some type of escape from his challenges. This would truly be life-changing. My heartfelt thanks for this beautiful gift that you are giving to children in need.

Joan Pahud / Italian Home

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve seen AJ wearing his “Clouds” jacket frequently. The other day he was telling me & others all about his flight and how great it was. Thanks again to you and your organization for all you do for kids

Shirley Milfort / Cadet Flyer Parent

Your program is truly a dream come true for a lot of urban students, parents and for those facing illnesses. Wheneverver he comes from the ATC program, there’s a smile that I just can’t shake of of him for days and I don’t imagine that spirit dying.

Pete Zbikowski / Dream Flyer Parent

It was such a memorable experience with such extraordinary people! You have created more joy than you will ever know the depths of.

Lani Verges-Radek / Dream Flyer Parent

Today was probably one of the best days of our lives. I can’t remember a time when we were all as happy and excited and positive.

Susan Noonan / Dream Flyer Parent

Above the Clouds went “above” and beyond to really personalize each child’s experience. My husband accompanied Connor and said everyone involved was so kind and patient with Connor, and really worked hard to make sure the trip was a memorable one.  Not only did they let him fly the plane, but they presented him with a beautiful bomber jacket with his name on it, aviator sunglasses, and a big travel bag full of trains and things that he loves! He was so excited to show me everything when he got home, and to tell me all about it.  The pilot actually flew them over our house and I was able to wave to them from my back deck. Just amazing from start to finish. Our family is so grateful to have been chosen to participate in such a special outing. I know Connor will never forget it!”

Kristen Malachowski / Mother of Dream Flyer

Thank you for allowing my 10 year year old daughter this amazing, once in a lifetime experience. Her and her big sister, from the Big Sister Association, had so much fun.