Above the Clouds celebrates the generosity of our 2017 individual donors and friends in the business community, whose investments of strategic leadership, in-kind donations, and cash contributions allow us to provide joy and hope to children and teens.

Platinum Sponsor


Gold Sponsor


Maclellan Foundation
JetBlue Airlines

Silver Sponsor


Bronze Sponsor


Mass Airport Management Association (MAMA)

Squadron Leader


James Andersen
The Meeting Company
Adam Scripps Floundation

Cadet Flyer

$2,500 – $4,999

Bob and Mary Kustka
Nixon Peabody

Discovery Flyer


Stuart Auerbach
Philip Austin
Ken Dustin
Gerry Leone Committee
Bill Gillen
Andrew Glincher
JoAnn and David Hampson
Michael McMahon
Will Nebes
Gary Oberstein
Krishna and Jaganmoran Rao
David Sloan
Stoughton Army Navy

Top Gun


Jimmy Abdalla
Amy and Duncan Berkeley
Jack Clymer
Kathy Collins
Jeff Gilbreth
Lisa and Scott Maclellan
Reid Maclellan
John Mannix
Dawn Marinelli
Stephen Oliver
Walter Pressey
Melvin S. Rines
Tom Rosedale
Steve Sullivan
Suzanne and Paul Wright



Seth Bagan
Greg Bongiorno
Trish and Bill Conway
Robert Dolinko
David Hampson
Ken Hertz
Chris Keefe
Dan Kustka
Robert Mullaney
Panera Bread
Roche Brother Supermarket
Carmella and Paul Ryan
Nancy Tobin
TransCandada Pipelines



Dream Flyer Sponsor


Aronson Family
Paul Bouton
Seth Bagan
Paul Bouton
James Carroll
Fredrick Childs
Chris Kenney
Karen Lewis
Reed Malleck
Rafael Marin
Billie Pigford
Richard Silton
Donna Stearns
Chris Steward
Michael Steward
Allyson Strianese
Jim Vallee
Barbara Villano







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