About the Rodman Ride for Kids (

• Held on September 24, 2016
• Riders select a ride distance (25, 50 or 100 miles) in and around Foxborough, MA
• Riders raise $1,500 in donations
• The Rodman Ride organization further matches Rider’s donations by 5%


What you can do to help us reach our goal:

• Be a Ride captain! As a Ride Captain, you will be asked to identify two or more (the more the merrier!) riders for the Above the Clouds Ride Team. An ATC Ride Coordinator will assist in creating training opportunities for your team if you want to train together.
• Be an Individual Rider! Join the 24 riders who have already committed


The Fun Stuff:

• All Ride Captains will be invited to a pre-Rodman Ride Dinner
• All Individual Riders will receive an Above the Clouds ride jersey
• Both Ride Captains and Individual Riders will be invited to the fun after-ride barbeque
• Since Rodman pays for all the ride infrastructure, 100% of the money you raise will go to the kids Above the Cloud serves


Meet our Riders!

Jim Andersen
Amy and Duncan Berkeley
Dan Collins
Sarah and Bill Connolly
Nick Cummings
Mike D’Allesandro
Lucas DuBois
Brendan Feitelberg
Matt Frankel
Jeff Gilbreth
Tara Keathing
Haydon Keitner
Reid Maclellan
Kurt Mullen
Martha and Gary Oberstein
Hallie and Michael Pinta
David Resnick
Sarah Richards
Paul Ryan
Marcy Venezia


Come on, Join our Team! Ride to Fly, Baby!