Walter and Gary’s Discovery Flight!

Today was Walter’s first Discovery Flight with Gary. They flew over Provincetown and over the Cape. Walter was ecstatic. He took the controls and flew a great deal of the time. He told Gary he wants to be a pilot! Walter told us his favorite part was the take-offs and landings. Gary told us that his favorite part was Walter’s smile and continuous expression, “This is amazing!”

Aviation Day

What an adventure at Norwood Memorial Airport! Above the Clouds welcomed teens from Crossroads4Kids to a day of aviation fun. In addition to learning about aerodynamics, airplane mechanics, airplane safety, running a fixed based operation (small airport) and sitting in and discussing small planes and small jets, the teens got a ride in a flight simulator and visited the Air Traffic Control Tower. Special thanks to everyone who made this possible: Brendan, Lindsay, Radek, Jon Roberts and John McCarthy. Stay tuned for pictures of this exciting day.

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